Piping hot, mouth-watering, and sinfully delicious—and I’m not even talking about my desserts.

All I wanted was a quiet, profitable day in my gourmet chocolate shop. That all goes to hell when he crashes into my life under a hail of gunfire. Hawk is dark, dangerous, and sexy as sin, and I just became his unsuspecting hostage.

Now I’m a captive in a war between two rival biker gangs. Even worse? Hawk has declared me as his.

A girl like me shouldn’t want anything to do with this rough and vicious biker. He’s possessive, alpha af, and has the filthiest mouth. But something about the way he dominates me, the way he’s hard in all the right places, it has me second guessing everything.

And now, even if I do make it out of this war with my life, I fear I won’t make it out with my heart.