He’s the bad boy townie everyone wants.

I’m the guest no one dares touch.

“If only you were eighteen,” he always says.

Well…now I am.

And it’s time he finally breaks the rules.

The last two summers, I’ve obsessed over Cole Scott. He has eyes that scream broken-soul, rough edges to cut deep, and a mouth meant for whispering the dirtiest, hottest things in my ear.

I’ve craved him, ached for him, and this summer, I’m finally eighteen and can have him in every delicious way I’ve ever imagined.

The problem is, even though Cole’s excuse for keeping his distance has expired, he still has every reason to stay away. See, I’m the spoiled daughter of one of Haven Cove’s most elite guests—as untouchable as they come around here.

Especially to the rebellious, broody bartender from Seaside Heights.

We could ruin each other in the best possible way—or the worst.

My family would lose their minds if they knew how above and beyond he’s going to satisfy my every need. And I do mean every. Single. One.

There’s a lot more than his job at stake, but the storm between us has been building for too long, and once we collide, there’s no going back.

He’s the damaged local without a future. I’m the good girl with nothing but promise. But this girl is about to show everyone just how bad she can be, and with Cole…well, I have a feeling that being bad will end up feeling oh-so good.