Everyone has their secrets.

Mine’s growly, sinful, and downright irresistible—he’s also my boss.

And…well, let’s just say I’m in need of a lot of hands-on training.

Oliver Briggs is the guy women rip each other to shreds over. And the guy who will rip your panties to shreds. Dangerously sexy, cocky, bad-boy past.

We burn hot and bright the night we meet. He has me hooked with one look, addicted by my first taste.

But Briggs isn’t just a gorgeous, dirty-talking stranger from the bar. He’s also my new boss. Too bad we don’t figure that out until after our toe-curling, make-me-scream hookup.

Now, he’s off-limits. All those things he promised to do to me are no longer on the table. Unless you count the filthy text messages we send each other. Late at night.

He’s a master of control. Except, apparently, when it comes to me.

We both have a lot to lose if anyone ever finds out about what we do during our staff meetings. His job. My future. Because Oliver Briggs isn’t the only secret I’m hiding.

And the other one? Well, that one will burn us both.