Lie low.

Float below the radar.

Avoid the hot, filthy, and downright panty-melting stares from three of the Coves most notorious staffers…

Easier said than done.

They say if someone is trying to hide something, the people most likely to find out are drawn like a magnet.

So, I shouldn’t be surprised when I start trading scorching glances with the head of security and his two best friends. Brex Knight, Asher Ramirez, and Sutton Turner are the last guys I should want anything to do with at Haven Cove this summer. But the hard-muscled, dirty-talking trio want everything to do with me.

I shouldn’t want them. Any of them.

Except I do—I want all three of them.

What’s a girl to do when trying to lie low, and three irresistible and crazy-sexy guys are determined to uncover everyone of her secrets?

Well, if you’re me, you end up lying under them.