Tan. Tall. Tempting. And totally off-limits.

My brother’s best friends have always considered me untouchable, but keeping their hands off of me is about to become a lot harder.

When my brother pawned off his summer job on me last-minute, he failed to mention a few things. For starters, he told me the wrong start date.

He also forgot to tell me one other tiny detail. Well, technically two, and they are anything but tiny. Noel and Silas are chiseled, ripped, and so gorgeous it hurts.

Oh, and they’re my brother’s best friends.

Now the three of us are working together at the resort pool all summer. Three months of being hot, wet, and barely clothed. I can’t stop thinking about touching them—wanting them both to touch me.

At the same time.

Lucky for me, Noel and Silas have no problem with that.