Do not crush on your dad’s sexy friend. Do not flirt with him every chance you get.

And do not, under any circumstances, ask him to take your virginity while grinding on him in an office chair.


I’ve spent years wanting Drew Harrington, dreaming of every dirty thing I want him to do to me. He’s all hard ridges, sharp edges, and just being in a room with him leaves me aching to be owned by him.

And I know he wants me too. I see him watching, his gaze dipping lower than it should, the heat in his eyes whenever he thinks no one’s looking. Only I’m looking, and I want him to do all the filthy things I know he’s thought about doing to me.

There’s only one problem—one very big problem.

He’s my dad’s best friend.

Drew’s always been careful to never let his look linger too longhand he keeps his distance as much as he can. But this is the summer everything changes. This summer, I’m eighteen. This summer, he’s staying at my family’s resort.

This summer…he’s making me his.

He just doesn’t know it yet.